Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who else is p***ed off at Warner Bros.?

They totally changed MCR. I don't care what the band has said, that they were going in a new direction and blah blah blah, I still think WB had something to do with it. I have been following the band since I Brought You My Bullets. This is absolutely NOTHING like anything they would do. Nothing sounds remotely like them, except maybe small parts in "Dead!" and some vocals here and there. Their songwriting has even gone down a whole lot. "Cancer", lyrically, is just one big mess. I played "Teenagers" for one of my friends and she couldn't even recognize MCR! Then Gerard goes and dyes his hair to look like The Patient. What has this world gone to?!?!?! Nobody probably cares and whoever sees this will probably think I am some obsessed fan who needs to move on, but I need to see if anyone else thinks the same thing: MCR has changed, but not completely on their own.

Who else is p***ed off at Warner Bros.?

i'm not okay, i'm not okay

you wear me out

Who else is p***ed off at Warner Bros.?

Well I have no idea who MCR is but I agree I hate WB, the sold out thier station and now it sucks horribly! WB obviously has ZERO sense of business and my prediction; the company will go under in about 1 year tops.

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