Thursday, June 17, 2010

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

I have this one guy in my band class that I really like and I think he likes me but I'm not sure.

He chooses to sit next to me in class some days and others, he sits at the other end of the room. He annoys me alot by: poking me, flipping my hair around, calling me gay, calling me a guy, shoving me making jokes about me. But, sometimes when it's just me and him, we can have a really good conversation. Does he like me as a girlfriend?

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

I don't think he can like you as a girlfriend without already being your boyfriend.

It DOES sound like typical behavior for a boy that likes a girl, though- it sounds like you have his interest.

I know it's difficult to be patient- seems like you have to wait for ALL the good stuff, right? But dating and the opposite sex are confusing issues for nearly all of us- for the entire span of our lives!

My bit of advice is to enjoy the excitement of flirting and wondering, but to enjoy being your age and not pushing yourself towards that dating issue just yet.

Look at it this way- you have the whole rest of your life to deal with THAT stress- enjoy doing what YOU want!

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

You're quite welcome, sweetie! Stay true to yourself. Report It

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

yes he does. Any guy that teases a girl really likes her.

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

odds are that he probably does, but if he's like that with other girls, then it's more than likely he's just a flirt...

hope that helps!!

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

You did not state how old you are but I presume that you are still quite young. Any boy that makes an effort to tease you like that likes you very much but only a step away to say it !

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

Guys are rather dense and stupid, but then again, they have this weird tendency to make you feel loved. When he calls you Gay, say 'Yeah. I am.' For, if we think about it logically, Being gay means you're Happy or like guys. So by all rights, He's a Lesbian. ^.^ He likes you so just wait a bit to make sure. It might be a small slip of the tongue or a total confession. Any who, If you like him, wait. Men are slow. Trust me, I live with one and Even with a Bachelor's and a Masters, My Mum has to correct him about things all the time.

Off track....%26gt;.%26lt;


Does he like me as a girlfriend???

my eight-ball say's 'most likely', if you are still in Jr. High. If you are in High School or past, it might still mean he likes you, but I'd run anyway, there are other more mature prospects. (I hope) that don't only have nice conversations with a girl when noone is looking.

Does he like me as a girlfriend???

yepp.. =D he is def. flirtin!!

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