Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

Our school is having Homecoming/Sprit week , i was does any one have any ideas on what i should wear.

Wed. ~Switch day which is when girls dress as boys and vis versa . I planned to wear a black long T, basketball shorts , and black air~force ones . Any other suggestions on hair , jewlery, etc.

Thurs. ~ Rockstar/Gothic day . I have nothing to wear on this day..............

Fri. ~ Blue and Gold day. I had plan on wearing a gold t-shirt , blue and gold head bands, black shoes with blue shoe strings, and maybe a little face paint. Any thing else?????

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

oh come on now... you have to go ALL OUT. its way more fun that way. to dress like a guy you definately have to hang the boxers out of the gym shorts. then draw fake hair on your legs with eye-liner.

for rockstar/goth: easy. either way everythign sparkly you have, or everything black that you have. :P

as far as school colors day. there should not be an inch of you not in your school colors. you only get 4 homecomings in your life. make them rock!!

just go to good will or salvation army, and find the most ridiculous things you can in blue and gold!! :D

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

dress just as they tell you to

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

make spirit jeans i did this when i was in hs get an old pair of jeans and write on them in school colors all over it they are so cute

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

wed.-well messy bun w/ a baseball cap,no jewlry though

thurs- you should try black and white clothes, and dark eyeliner and shadow

fri.-try some gold and metallic jewlry. do you have any gold shoes? try that too

hope this helps!

How to dress during SPRIT Week???

i think ur good u seem to have everything down well hope its fun

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