Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't Know What to do about this girl??

theres this girl that ive started to get feelings for shes in my english algebra and study classes

i never really paid attention to this girl before

ive seen her aroud and stuff but all of a sudden boom it just hit me

ive talked to her before but just a little bit

after class we had a few minutes free and her and one of her friends me and one of my friends had a group conversation just about random stuff

so basically need some help on ways to become her friend

and be able to talk to her more 1 on 1

then eventually go in for the date

i dont think shes out of my league or anything its

ive had some girlfriends in the past but that even confuses me why they would choose me

im in a band and play lead guitar

I have long hair for a guy maybe this is a turnoff idk

(shes pretty into music btw)

get above average grades

nothing not unordinary

one thing i dont do is follow the crowd

ex music,tv, clothes etc.

i listen/watch/wear what i want and what i like

so ya idk what girls think of me/this

Don't Know What to do about this girl??

This sound exactly the way me and my girlfriend started out. Lol We never really talked to each other but i became friends wit her friend and then me and her became friends and one day as a friend i gave her my number. Then we just started talking and one day we just asked each other if we liked each other and we both said yes. Then we started being boyfriend and girlfriend. Just be yourself, be confident, and if she she doesn't like you try and talk to her friend. lol jp

Don't Know What to do about this girl??

lol. well i love rocker dudes, long hair too, but that's just, you sound like a cool guy. just be yourself and be bold love, and you can have watever you want. go for it.

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