Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

ok so i need some advice

last nigh i was talking to this adorable kid from school

alright well his hair is super adorable

hes al like i really want you to come to a party im having but im not sure if i should

this kid only has 2 Christian friends including me

some times this kid can get into truble

ive herd his party arnt always good

but well like the frist time i met this kid i didnt have anywere to sit but he let me sit buy me

he started talking to me

he was really nice he looked at my AP (hes absest)

he likes really good bands

he would come up to me and talk to me whenever he could

he let me hang out with him the whole last day of school

he is really nice(to me anyway)

this kid also gets made fun of alot

he has tryed to commit suiside

he has a hit list(that im not on)

his mom is awefull

he has a messed up life right now

i feel like God really wants me to be there for him and love him(not like in love but you kow what i mean) and be a good example for him

this kid has done nothing but been really nice to me and been my friend

i really like this kid not like that but you know what i mean

what do i do?

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

you need to be his friend. go to the party with him and try not letting him get in trouble by doing things with him. he sounds like he has a few issues and maybe he looks up to what u have to say to him. be there for him, and talk to him about things u know he enjoys. the last thing u want is for this boy to feel unwanted in the world. let him know your his friend and that you'll always be there for him. tell him things will get better if he's having trouble with his family. God is truly calling you to be there for this kid right now, and thats exactly what u need to do :)

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

Brandi,chill girl geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz were who we are just because someone may not choose church 24/7 dont mean crap! we are what we are god will love us if were pimps,drunks,hoes,etc,geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... I know i talk to him a'lot!

he is pretty much cool with anything as llong as your not gay,or kill yourself!

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

Be his friend! It seems like he needs some friendly support since his family life isn't the best (his mom is awful).

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

this guy sounds like a winner.

help him to come into the light of jesus christ and embrace the lord.

amen, brandi.

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

keep at his side, and tell him..that no matter what he is your

friend , and you are his friend !!..and try to get into some sport

activities or some clubs at school...little by little things should

get better!!

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

be his friend. maybe then he will change from being all suicidal .

Ok so i need some advice plaese help?

listen if u get 2 gether w/ this dude an he is really weird and all,ull bcom like him,jus 2 pls him....whut i wud say is ,ty 2 change him but dot get in 2 deep,and du,pray 4 the guy..and in case he "changes"b sure he is diff,be a friend, a listening ear,and if he talks crap tell him.....if hes ur friend hell listen tc

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