Friday, November 27, 2009

Is music and concerts dead?

what im asking is,when i was younger i went to alot of concerts,and it was a good time from the parking lots to the show on stage,i have not been to a concert in a few years,but i hear its hjust the band on stage singing,i am wonddering if any bands put elabrate shows pink floyd used to do,those where well worht the ticket prices,and my second question is what happened to music,it is all the same,and no heart or soul,all rap and hip hop is pre-recorded music or sampling,the other music scene is all fast playing and no good long jams with meaning or soul,todays music seems just to make a fast buck and no crowd pleasing maybe im missing something,and whats with the drones,i mean kids today looking the same,dress,hair, their no free thinkers anymre?

Is music and concerts dead?

Doesn't every older generation get upset about the younger generation? couple of bands you might want to check out


Radio Head

The Arctic Monkeys

Is music and concerts dead?

only in america

Is music and concerts dead?

well you are so wrong there much better louder music more effects and most artists dont lip-sync so i

Is music and concerts dead?

Let it go dude its time to let the next generation to take over. IM FROM THE OLDER GENERATION.

Is music and concerts dead?

It depends on the show you go to. Some have big elaborate shows like Pink Floyd did and some just rely on the music they play.

Is music and concerts dead?

judging from the crowds and the costs of going to any concerts, they still manage to be sell outs. i often wonder where the roof will cave in price wise too? the oldsters are out there again realizing the newer acts have alot of catching up to do talent wise.

Is music and concerts dead?

It's still out there. You just gotta dig a little deeper. Here are some GREAT bands to see live. The music alone is worth the ticket price:


Umphrey's McGee

Gov't Mule

New Monsoon


Railroad Earth name a few.

Is music and concerts dead?

Lynyrd Skynrd and 3 Doors Down performed recently, and they weren't too bad in their set. 3 Doors Down had a really neat drum stand and a large backdroop. Lynrd Skynyrd had a few candleabras and a few rugs.

They don't hold a candle to the PULSE tours that Pink Floyd did :D

Is music and concerts dead?

Yeah, I think I know what your saying.

I think it's been going down hill since MTV changed music form something to listen to, to something to watch. Nobody really listens to music anymore. Most people just identify with the fashions and the attitudes of their choice "artist". The kids today are so ripped off, not having hardly anything of substance to listen to. No, it's not a matter of new generational things being different. It is a matter of the business of music being different. It's lucrative because of all the media forms available today, MTV, downloads, etc... As Paul Simon sings "The music suffers, the music business thrives".

The best stuff is elsewhere. I got into jazz, now I love it. Although I do miss the gatherings of the big concerts.

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