Sunday, November 22, 2009

Emo vs. Scene?

Is emo like people that cry about how life sucks, listens to indie music, has about 2 friends, cut, whine and ***** about everything, and starve themselves?

And scene are kids that have straightened black hair, wear tight jeans, studded belts, listen to death metal and grindcore, wear band shirts, have 2 million myspace friends, and wear converses or skater shoes?



Emo vs. Scene?

I heart scene!!

And you pretty much hit the stereotypes on the head. Another difference is that Scene was always about the fashion. Emo started as just a music genre, Emotive-Hardcore, back around 1984.

Emo vs. Scene?


Emo vs. Scene?

Im sorry I think I miss the computer question?

Emo vs. Scene?

according to the ever-popular stereotypes, you're right on.

that sounded like a fortune cookie kinda...

Jay: it's a myspace question...%26amp; if you have a myspace you should get the connection.

Emo vs. Scene?

Emo is something that used to be cool and have nothing to do with cutting and acting like a self-absorbed miserable piece of **** and everything to do with music and a community of kids into the same type of emotive punk, hardcore, or alt rock. In time, thanks to the media of course, this became a commercialized exploited piece of ****. Now anyone who wears black or listens to one or two songs of a band who wears black is considered "emo". Now emo is associated with wrist cutting, which used to be something certain types of depressed people, no matter what clothing they wore, did often. Now its a fashion, due to the media causing modern teens to crave attention more than ever. Off of the new "emo", branched a truly evil terrible corperation (my term for a label) called "scene". Scene kids are just kids who are trying to be emo and fail. They listen to lame music that attemps to embody some of the worst aspects of the music of the post-punk/post-hardcore era and fail dismally, sounding like a bunch of screechy whiny chipmunks. They also look terrible, have haircuts that look like badly drawn anime characters, often looking like a mullet, but never called that, because its too "eighties" for them. People who try to be scene are just people who are trying to be failure fake emo's. Its really quite pathetic. Its very much a crime that some new-emo and all of scene take the music aspect and make it only half or less than half of what it means to be in that sect of a musical community. Now its all about the fashion. Its basically horrendous.

Emo vs. Scene?

im a scene kid

so scene

Emo vs. Scene?

Scene! :D

I dont mind emo but what I've heard from, emo can be bad for your heath Dx

Emo vs. Scene?

yeah. scene kids are wanna be emo kids. but, scenesters are emo's with out the emo part.

the term "emo" is short short for "emotional". "emo kids" (now n days) are just ppl with high emotional depression that feel isolated from others and there for resort to cutting them selves or suicide.

scene is just a different branch of emo. not the same thing but almost the same style. many ppl cant tell the difference(which makes me mad cuz i hate being called emo) between em because the whole "cover my face with my hair" look.

but really. theres not much of a difference just that emo's live in a black and white world %26amp; scenesters have more of a gangstuh-ish look.

so yeah. scene kids! woooooooooh!!!!!

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